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It’s the most popular racket sport in the world. The second most popular participation sport. Ask most people to name this sport, and they’d immediately name that other well known racquet sport. But they’d be wrong.

You know what sport we are talking about or you wouldn’t be reading this. Most people think of table tennis as “ping pong” - a game where a small white ball is patted back and forth until someone misses.

At the recreational level, about all anybody does is pat the ball back and forth. This is where its image as an easy sport probably came from, as it does take practice to learn to keep the ball going at a fast pace. But once learned, it’s a skill for life. It is hoped that this guide will help you to help others in developing this skill. Perhaps it will help you as well.

USA Table Tennis (USATT) has over 7,000 sanctioned tournament players and 230 clubs nationwide. They participate in over 250 USATT-sanctioned tournaments annually.

USATT Headquarters is located at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. If you have questions or problems, feel free to call or send a letter:

USA Table Tennis

One Olympic Plaza

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Phone: 719-578-4583

Fax: 719-632-6071

Email: usatt4@iex.net

Certification as an instructor is open to those with any coaching or teaching experience with children and who take the USATT’s youth instructor certification test. If you wish to further your coaching education, the USATT has five levels of certification for coaches:

1. Youth Instructor

2. Club Level Coach

3. State Level Coach

4. Regional Level Coach

5. National Level Coach


Higher certification involves further requirements. Contact USATT for additional information.

It is assumed that the reader has had some experience with table tennis, whether that be from regular play at a club and tournaments, from USATT’s three-hour instructor’s course, or even just an impromptu demonstration by a local player. However, you do not need to be an expert on table tennis to teach the game. What is important is a desire to teach table tennis and an enthusiasm about the sport. If you have these characteristics, the students will pick up on it and they too will be enthusiastic. Then a table tennis class will be a rewarding and enriching experience, both for you and for those you coach.

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>  Coaching Philosophy


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