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Table tennis is among the United States’ fastest growing sports. With its inclusion in the Olympics, its popularity is soaring.

You and the students you coach can also join the USATT. Membership not only allows you to play in USATT-sanctioned tournaments, but it also entitles you to a subscription to USA Table Tennis Magazine, the official magazine. Membership also allows you to join a large network of players, coaches, and supporters.

If you want to go further in coaching table tennis, there are four levels of coaching certification, as discussed briefly in the first chapter. These can greatly improve your table tennis expertise as well as your enjoyment of the game. A phone call or letter to USATT Headquarters, (719) 578-4583, will send you all of the information you need on advancing as a coach.

As for your players, there are dozens of table tennis camps held throughout the year, especially during the summer. Information on these camps is in USA Table Tennis Magazine. During these camps, children learn the game at a higher level while having great fun.

You would not have read this far if you did not have an interest in children and table tennis. Coaching is one of the most fulfilling occupations one can take part in. Whether you do it for a living or do it as a volunteer, the look on a happy child’s face when he hits in that first forehand smash and pumps his/her fist in the air is a look that should never be forgotten.

Good luck!

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