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Zdenko Uzorinac

Mr. Zdenko Uzorinac, member of ITTF Media Committee, is a well-known table tennis author. He wrote several books on table tennis history and biographies of outstanding table tennis players. One of his books is Table Tennis ABC, published in Zagreb, Croatia, 1997, in which he discusses some aspects of coaching. From this interesting book we quote author's introduction – advice for players and coaches.

If you wish to improve your game it is important to keep in mind the following:

  • To play table tennis without mastering basic strokes is almost like building a house without foundation. Therefore a table tennis expert should teach every young table tennis player the table tennis alphabet.

  • A good table tennis player is the one that hits the right ball at the right moment.

  • Mistakes are the ones which decide who shall win a table tennis match, and not who has made the greater number of most attractive rallies.

  • It is important to find your own playing style. You should find it alone as no outsider can do it better than you can.

  • Most important above all – return the ball!

  • It is not the table tennis bat that misses the ball; it is a table tennis player who fails to perform a good stroke!

  • Never give up however hopeless your situation might be! As long as a match is going on there is a chance for victory until the very last point.

  • Forget technique in a real match, and concentrate on tactics. Think where to send the ball, not how!

  • Harmony between head and body is crucial in table tennis.

  • Discovering the opponent¢s weakness is and always has been an essential part of table tennis strategy.

  • A top class player performs his best strokes in critical situations even better!

  • Most good table tennis players are physically fit, capable and talented. What distinguishes them from each other is how they use what they have!

  • The most important thing is to fight and give everything that you have got. Do not worry who is on the opposite side of the table. You can win any match, but only if you fight with all your heart and mind.

  • Always try to get the ball, even when the situation looks hopeless. Go for it and try to return it. This determination should become your second nature.

  • Table tennis is a sport for people of all ages provided they take their limitations into account. Therefore, you can play table tennis all your life if the dosage is right!

  • If you really want to become a good player, then you need to practice, practice and practice.

  • Concentration depends on an individual’s willpower. Make yourself a promise that you will think only about the game and nothing else till the end of the match. Above all, do not allow yourself to be distracted with what goes on at other tables!

  • Do not allow your table tennis opponent to play the game that suits him best.

  • An important point to be emphasized: do not under rate the importance of good table tennis equipment. If you want to make progress in table tennis, do not try to save on the quality of bats, balls and shoes.

  • Your strokes are your weapon in a table tennis battle. The better the weapon is, the greater the chance of victory. But remember also that weapon alone never wins a war.

  • Have more respect for your bat – it is the least guilty for your lousy play!

  Source : Tibhar


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