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The following is taken from a message written by Dabman, a player from Germany.

Here is my opinion : Don’t change to pips unless you want to change everything; footwork, style, …

There are many people changing to short pips. I did too. But I only see desperate people who can’t play backhand, can't return serves or can't loop.

If this fits you, let me tell you this : do not change !

Last year I changed to short pips on my backhand, but I could play backhand very well. I still have a very good backhand spin, so I turn my racket several times during a match, I also practise backhand topspin with the normal side, so I am able to loop whenever I want to.

This makes a pips player so unique, he is able to switch so the opponent has real problems finding a way to win.

Another important thing is that you have to use your forehand 80% and your backhand only 20%. It is very important that you are able to make points of your own rather than hoping that your opponent will make a mistake on your backhand. And you must be so good that you do not block with your forehand. You must loop or shoot. Have you ever seen a good player block with his forehand ?

As I said my backhand is very good, but I still changed to pips. This is because I do not have the time to practise that often anymore. Playing with pips allows you to make your play more difficult so it compensates the lack of practise.


Pips allows you to play very short blocks with almost no spin. You also can play very fast and also give your blocks a very broad angle. You can turn your wrist during a play and the ball is very unpredictable for your opponent.

The fact that your blocks are less spinny than normal, blocks make it very hard for your opponent to play an aggressive style. He must play more carefully which allows you to loop and shoot with your forehand.


People will see that your backhand is no weapon unless you turn the racket. They will start chopping in your far backhand. You need to have good footwork to run and play forehand loop. If you start chopping back with your pips side you will lose.

Another thing is that people start looping slowly and spinny on your backhand, so that you can not play aggresively.

What I want to say is that if you are a good player try it. But if you want to do it because you have problems with your backhand, don’t do it.

I play with friendship 802 rubber on a medium Chinese sponge. 

Author : DABMAN - Germany


Last Update : 06 November, 2002

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