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 The following is a part from the book "Table Tennis: From A to Z"
Copyright © 1998, by Dimosthenis E. Messinis Ph.D.

The best distance for the execution of a slow forehand topspin is about 50-100 cm behind the table. The knees are slightly bend with the left leg forward and the right leg towards the right side line of the table. The body weight is on the toes for quicker movement. The right hand is slightly bend and the bat is on the right side and in front of the body almost on the waist height. The left hand is also bend for balancing reasons (pic. a).

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As the ball comes from the opponent, the right hand starts to move backwards. At the end of the backwards movement the right hand is straight and the bat is 15-20 cm from the right side of the body, down from the knee with its upper point targeting downwards. At the same moment the trunk turns which is a result of the legs' turning and bending. The body weight transferred to the right leg which is in 90o angle at the end of the movement. The left leg is bend in 120o-130o angles targeting slightly on the right. The legs are opened little more than the shoulders width (pic. b,c).

From this position starts the upward and forward hand and legs motion. The bat hits the ball in 70o-80o angle after the ball falling from the highest point of its bounce. During the contact, a little wrist movement is done. At the end of the movement, the bat is in front and up from the head. At the same time, the right leg and the trunk help in order to give more speed on the ball while the body weight transferred to front and left (pic. d,e).

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