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The ten commandments of table tennis


  1. Play whatever style you want. Don't let others dictate how you have to play, but listen to advices in order to improve. Your style could be an extension of your personality. The more styles the game has, the richer it is. Bring something to the game.
    Be yourself.

  2. Play whatever equipment you want, but it should not limit your tactical options or shoot selection. Use stuff you can handle. Know how other equipment plays.
    Experimentation is the key.

  3. Develop tactics and counter-tactics. To handle serves, points, matches, opponent's equipment, opponent's styles, opponent's behavior, opponent's tactics, anything. Think before, during and after playing.
    Be smart.

  4. Respect others. Ask for being respected. Don't use tactics to upset, scare or bother opponents, don't CHO! every point. Play if somebody asks you to play. Try to have fun and let others have his share of fun too. Give advices and help other players.
    And be gentle.

  5. Learn to win. Learn to loose. Accept your mistakes, limitations and defeats and don't complain when you loose. You lost because you deserved it.
    Be modest.

  6. There is no luck. Place your shots and you'll get nets and edges. Instead of sobbing when your opponent gets a net or edge, learn to return those balls.
    Be focused.

  7. Improve your style and technique. Improving your weaknesses should be easy than improving your strengths, and remember that a smart opponent will capitalize on your weaknesses. First decide what to train, why and how are you going to do it, then train.
    Learn to rally.

  8. Rules and equipment will change, so certain styles or equipment can be favored. You can change yours anytime. You can also accept those changes and play at certain disadvantage. Styles less favored, or even harmed by rules can still win. It will be just harder.
    Never whine.

  9. No unfair equipment exists. No styles are bad to the sport. No players are inferior or superior athletes by any means, and of course you are not entitled to judge nobody. Leave the sport if you think different than this.
    Don't be a fuckin' nazi.

  10. The only laws to respect are the rules of the game. This is the only mean that shows you how the game is supposed to be played. Read it, obey all the rules, and enforce them. Try to exploit rules to your advantage.
    But be legal.


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