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Table tennis exercise 1


(for right-handed players)

FH.D=Forehand drive
BH.D=Backhand drive
Drive=Basic power shot with no or little topspin executed close to the table.
Forehand=The right side of a right-handed player.
Backhand=The left side of a right handed player.


Exercise1 Exercise2 Exercise3

Exercise 1

Both players play forehand drive diagonally.

Exercise 2

Both players play backhand drive diagonally.

Exercise 3

Parallel forehand & backhand drive. One player plays  forehand drive and the other backhand drive.


Exercise4 Exercise5 Exercise6

Exercise 4

Same as the previous exercise. The players change sides.

Exercise 5

Both players play forehand drive. The first ball diagonally to the forehand side and the second to the center. Good for footwork.

Exercise 6

1. Diagonally to the forehand side. Both players plays forehand drive.
2. To the center. Both players plays forehand drive.
3. Parallel to the backhand side. One player plays forehand drive and the other backhand drive.



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