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How to beat a chopper


  1. Place your attacks at the center of the table. Attack at his elbow / pocket / body. Stay away from both his wings.

  2. Move him close / far to table. Use drop shots when he is very far from table.

  3. Do not put much spin on your shots if you can't handle they when come with reversed spin. If you send heavy topspin you'll receive heavy backspin.

  4. Loop with a high arc with an upward motion. Your primary goal should be keep the ball in play, while looking for a chance to score.

  5. If he's serving with long pips, his serves can't be spiny. Learn to kill them.

  6. He probably can't attack against topspin well, but can attack backspin.

  7. No spin can be hard to handle for some long pips. See if you can make him miss.

  8. Try to cover the entire table with you forehand if you are fast enough. Get into ready position as soon as you know where the ball is going.


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