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 The following is a part from the book Table Tennis: From A to Z
Copyright ┬ę 1999 by Dimosthenis E. Messinis Ph.D.

The best position to do this stroke is from the left side of the table (for right handers) and 50-100 cm far from the table.


The legs are parallel to the table and the knees are bend in 120┬░ angle. They are opened little more than the shoulders width. The trunk is slightly bend forward (fig. a). As the ball comes the bat moves downwards to the knee height. The backhand side of the bat is almost parallel to the floor. The forearm forms 140┬░-160┬░ angle with the arm. The body weight was shared equally to each leg. The trunk bends more foreward during this phase (fig. b-c).

Figure a

Figure b

Figure c

Figure d

Figure e

Figure f

From this position the hand starts the forward clockwise movement. The ball contact with the bat takes place just after the ball starting to fall. At the end of the movement the hand is in front and right to the body at the eyes' height. The trunk moves upwards with the legs help (fig. d-f). The left hand is slightly bend for balancing reasons.

Copyright ┬ę 1998,1999, by Dimosthenis E. Messinis


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